Plasma cutting machines are advanced systems with incredibly complex technicalities that only a trained repair person can handle. Don’t let your machine fall into disrepair, and don’t settle for subpar machine servicing. Make the most of your industrial operation by caring for your instruments and devices. Utilize this plasma cutting machine maintenance checklist as a way to incorporate preventive measures into your operational model.

Cleanse Torch Chamber

The torch is the mechanical part where the plasma beam comes out. Because the torch focuses and expels the plasma, the chamber must remain clean of debris. The torch head runs right atop the material being cut, often resulting in kickback debris deposits at the tip. If technicians fail to disconnect the torch chamber for a thorough cleansing, these buildups can block parts of the plasma beam and lead to imperfect cuts.

Clean Machine Components

While plasma cutters use detailed systems and harness hazardous materials, they still have lots of the same parts as other machines. It is vital to clean machine components that don’t relate to specific plasma functionalities. Cleaning computer monitors, lubricating gears, removing dirt and debris—all these tasks and more must be part of your preventive checklist. A plasma machine must be in optimal condition everywhere.

Analyze Plasma Quality

The key to a plasma cutting machine is the plasma itself. If the plasma is subpar, it could harm internal components and deposit debris in unwanted, difficult-to-access areas. Use a paper towel and analyze the plasma in test mode. If you discover contamination, you should assess your filtration systems and supplier gas quality.

Remembering this plasma cutting machine maintenance checklist can save you from catastrophic issues on the production floor. If you have any questions about preventive maintenance or want to install a new and improved plasma cutting system, our team at Mac-Tech is happy to help.

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