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New Fibermak Hawk

Fibermak Hawk

Perfect Combination of Price and Performance!

FIBERMAK HAWK Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With a combination of German tech and Turkish manufacturing the Ermaksan Fibermak Hawk is the perfect Eco-solution for low budget - high preformance expecting customers! And don't forget that if you purchase one of these fine machines, it includes full programming software and professional installation. You can change your fabricating world by calling 1-888-MAC-9555 today and let this fiber laser make your shop fit!



All software on the Control Panel has been developed by the Ermaksan engineers and special additions can be made.

  • Control panel is the unit which controls the system and sends the user commands to the machine.
  • Control panel is resistant to various environmental
  • conditions.
  • Shock, dirt, humidity, temperature, etc.
  • Touch screen and an external keyboard is available.
  • The axis speed can be controlled with the speed adjustment potentiometer on the control panel.
  • NC graphic display.


  • Manually Adjustable Focus Lens
  • Precise Height Control
  • Lower Protection Glass

Cutting capabilities of 6 mm MS by Ermak 500 W, 10 mm MS by Ermak 1000 W resonators.




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