Metal fabrication shops provide services to so many industries. As a result, fabricators must be laser-focused while on the job so that no wrongdoings happen. Here are some common mistakes to avoid with stainless steel fabrication that every staff member should know if they want to be successful.

Too Much Heat

A previous blog post discussed how fiber lasers work. Essentially, the lasers use a polyurethane core to heat a laser that cuts through thick material. Even though the laser needs to be hot, problems can occur if it’s too hot. The laser can cut through the material underneath or make the cut jagged or uneven. For this reason, workers have to be sure they set the right temperature on the device before they begin cutting.

Compromising Safety

Another mistake to avoid with stainless steel fabrication is compromising safety. Again, it’s essential for workers to be laser-focused while working. Supervisors must provide them with personal protective equipment to keep them safe. Workers need goggles, gloves, and anything else they need to remain safe while on the job.

Ignoring Maintenance

Workers have to perform preventative maintenance on machines to ensure they work well into the future. They must clean plasma cutters and other things so they don’t get hurt. Also, preventative maintenance will help the devices last longer, which ultimately saves the shop time and money.

Everyone who works in a metal shop must be extra careful. The shops’ machines are incredibly dangerous and could cause severe injury if someone does something wrong. Therefore, workers need to avoid these common mistakes. They should set the machines at the right temperature, so nothing is too hot and gets burned. Speaking of getting burned, it’s up to the supervisors to provide preventative equipment, so no one gets hurt. Finally, they must take care of the machines so that they work into the future and no one gets injured. Mac-Tech has top-of-the-line metal fabrication equipment for sale in case someone does make one of these mistakes and needs something new.

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