The hydraulic press is an essential tool when looking for specific options such as CNC sheet supports, programmable tools, and much more advanced technologies. Today’s press brakes require about the same amount of maintenance as older machines.

Inspect the Machine

Before using the press brake, you need first to inspect the entire machine. This will consist of looking at each part of the machine before operating it. Having a good visual of any factors that might need to be fixed or reviewed will help prevent issues when running the hydraulic press brake.

Check the Ram

When checking out the interior of your machine, check your rams to ensure they are inserted and working properly. When placing the ram inside your machine, be sure to put them on equal parts of wood or lower your ram to help support the tooling better. While doing this, make sure that the electric system is locked out and not engaged.

Inspect the Hydraulic Circuit

Your hydraulic circuit runs on hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil is the lifeline of your course, so be sure it’s clean and to fill the reservoir when checking the oil. Just like you contain the oil in your car, the oil in your machine needs to be checked frequently.

Also, if your press has a clamping system for punch-and-die clamping, make sure you’re checking the levels now and then. This is often a separate part of the hydraulic system and has its oil level indicator. In order to ensure you’re following maintenance tips to make your press brake last longer, keep reading.

Check Out Mechanical Equipment

If you are looking for the best hydraulic press service, rely on Mac-Tech for your pressing needs. At Mac-Tech, it’s essential to check your mechanical equipment to check its performance. This should be performed daily. For example, if a screw is loose, check its condition by unscrewing it. Replace the screws if needed, and also calibrate or realign your back gauge and stops.

Examine Electrical Equipment

Always check the electrical before operating any machinery. When taking maintenance tips to make your press brake last longer, electrical should be at the top of your list. To check the electrical, turn off the main power switch and lock it. You can perform basic checks while the machine is under power.

Make sure to check the connections on terminal strips and boxes on the monitors and the relays. Check voltage as well as cables, fans, and safety features. This is the most critical step to perform.

Inspect Tooling

Inspecting your tooling can be done last and is looked over the same way. Fabricators and grind punching tooling often need sharpening. The manufacturer should only sharpen press brake tooling.

Inspecting your hydraulic press brake will help ensure your press brake can last for a while. Check these tips and more out to make your inspection process straightforward.

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