Press brakes have come a long way over the years. Back in the day, fabricators had to suffer through backbreaking work to use the devices. Now, the technology is incredibly advanced, and manufacturers keep users in mind during production. There are also multiple options on the market today. This article discusses two of those choices and presents the differences in hydraulic vs. electric press brakes. Although there are benefits to both options, hydraulic press brakes are the smarter investment for large-scale establishments.

Hydraulic Press Brakes

One type of press brake that shop owners can purchase is a hydraulic press brake. A hydraulic press brake allows workers to input their specifications when paired with a CNC controller. Mac-Tech carries some of the most superior hydraulic press brakes for sale from Ermaksan. For example, the Power-Bend Falcon has a Promecam fast tool clamping system that increases efficiency on the shop floor. The device also has a moveable foot pedal that makes it easier to do single or serial bending. Machines such as the Power-Bend Falcon are incredibly versatile. Since workers can adjust angles and specifications rather easily, they’re ideal for fabrication shops that handle extremely high workloads.

Electric Press Brakes

Supervisors can also purchase electric press brakes to fulfill their fabricating needs. One advantage of using electric press brakes is that they’re energy-efficient. Hydraulic press brakes often need to stay on at all times, unlike electric press brakes, which workers can switch off when they’re done using them. However, electric machines aren’t as versatile as their hydraulic counterparts. Thus, they’re best suited for fabrication shops that don’t need a variety of bends but instead prefer a repeated angling motion. Since they aren’t as flexible, electric press brakes are the better choice for small-scale fabrication shops.

Shop owners must evaluate the pros and cons of hydraulic vs. electric press brakes. Large establishments that deal with thicker sheet metal should browse Mac-Tech’s selection of hydraulic press brakes for sale. We carry some of the finest devices on the market that are proven to increase productivity. However, shops concerned with saving energy should think about looking into electric options.

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