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Mac-Tech DUO; THE Robotic Beam Component Assembly & Welding Solution!

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Agen DUO Robotic Assembler




Mac-Tech DUO; THE Robotic Beam Component Assembly & Welding Solution! Robotic beam assembly with the Agen DUO Robotic Assembler will change your life and your bottom line. Robots don’t care if it’s night or day; they never take a smoke break, and they follow instructions to the letter (or number). The Agen DUO Robotic Assembler can import and export software, scan the components, including clip, plate, and angle, and even fit and weld them. And it does it fast, accurately, and with minimal human interaction. That makes beam assembly safer and more efficient. Contact Mac-Tech today for more information about what a robotic component assembler can do for you.


  • Software Import & Export
  • SCAN the Component; Plate, Angle, Clip
  • Robotically Position Component
  • Robotically FIT & Tac-Weld Component
  • Robotically WELD


    • Automated
    • Fast – PRODUCTION
    • Efficient
    • Flexible
  • Accurate
  • Convenient
  • PROFITABLE  ($400,000 Savings to Market!)

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