Metal fabrication shops are full of different machinery. Each device performs an essential function that improves overall efficiency. Two common tools in these establishments are CNC folders and press brakes. This article will explain the difference between a CNC folder vs. a press brake to demonstrate why both machines belong on a shop floor.


CNC folders and press brakes are both heavy-duty pieces of machinery. Workers must know how to operate both of these devices before using them. However, the operation of each of these machines is incredibly different. When using a press brake, the worker must hold the sheet material the entire time. Employees must position the sheet metal accurately to the back gauge so that delivery runs smoothly. CNC folders are completely different. Workers place the sheet metal on the worktable of the back gauge, so the material is secure. Operators don’t have to hold the product in place throughout the entire process the way they do when using a press brake.


When comparing CNC folders vs. press brakes, it’s important to note that press brakes are more efficient than CNC folders. CNC folders are limited by their structural capabilities. Since workers aren’t holding the sheet metal when using a CNC folder, they can’t adjust angles as easily. Workers that use a press brake can bend the sheet metal as they see fit. Since they have more diversified bending capabilities, press brakes are more efficient than CNC folders. This way, after they use a press brake, workers don’t have to spend as much time putting on finishing touches.

If you’re in the market for high-quality metal fabrication equipment, look no further than Mac-Tech. Our team is dedicated to helping every shop run as efficiently as possible. Both CNC folders and press brakes are vital machines that every shop should invest in. However, there are striking differences between these devices that every shop owner should know. CNC folders are easier to operate, but press brakes are more efficient. Press brakes allow workers to adjust sheet material as necessary. Yet, the machine may require adjustments depending on plate thickness. Company leaders must keep these factors in mind when deciding where to invest their money.

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