Fiber laser cutting machines are among the most significant advancements in the metalworking industry. The machines are over 100 times more powerful than their carbon dioxide counterparts. Also, the devices are much more efficient and can create more cuts in less time. This begs the question, why wouldn’t a shop owner buy a fiber laser cutting machine? Ahead, we present an overview of the fiber laser cutting process for supervisors who need a little more convincing.

What Is a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

Fiber laser cutting machines use a laser to cut through a material. They have a strong airflow, leaving little room for error. The devices are incredibly efficient and lightweight, and they help shops make more money because they allow workers to take on more projects at a time. The rest of this piece will overview the fiber laser cutting process for those who want to learn more.

Lens and Laser Beams

Metalworkers start by lining things up with the lens. This way, they can align the laser beam to ensure they get a quality cut.

Airflow, Cutting Material, Nozzle

After the fabricator is confident things are lined up as they should be, they should check the airflow. It’s vital to wear safety gear while doing so to ensure that no one’s injured while checking out the air pressure. That’s the last thing anyone wants.

After this, the worker should adjust the cutting material and the nozzle. The nozzle should be straight and free of debris to make sure the cut is of the highest possible quality. Finally, the cutting material should be well adjusted underneath.

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