Laser cutting machines offer precision and speed for metal fabrication shops that cut or engrave thin metals, wood, plastic, or leather. The machines represent a major investment, plus ongoing costs of maintenance, training, and personal protective equipment for team members. These four ways you can reduce laser cutting costs should keep your operation running cost-effectively.

Adhere to Scheduled Maintenance

Well-maintained machines work faster and break down less. In order to keep your laser cutters in top shape, don’t skimp on scheduled maintenance. Although they’re computer-guided, laser cutters can suffer wear that may affect their accuracy. Make sure you have expert professionals service your machine regularly.

Use Grouping

Reducing the distance the laser must travel between cuts boosts productivity and reduces wear on the machine. If you group the workpieces closely, the laser works more efficiently, completing its tasks in less time with less motion.


While your shop may be capable of basic machining, elaborate metalworking projects may require expertise beyond what your team can handle. In such cases, outsourcing a project to a specialty shop with laser cutting expertise might actually save you money.

A shop with extensive experience with laser cutting machines can get the job done quickly and accurately without expending extra money training their team or creating multiple prototypes to get the job right.

Consider Design and Materials

Laser cutters work best on thin materials. While robotic plasma cutters can cut and drill thick structural steel beams efficiently, laser cutters can engrave and cut thinner materials quickly.

When creating a new design for the laser cutter, consider the thickness of the material and the complexity of the design you intend to use. If thickness isn’t required for the finished piece to do its job, then using thinner material is a way to reduce laser cutting costs without sacrificing the intricacy of your design. Thin materials require shorter cutting times: As in many businesses, time is money.

At Mac-Tech, we can help you choose a laser cutting machine that will do everything you need as cost-effectively as possible. Choose from new or pre-owned equipment. We also provide service, repair, and training for your team. Call today!

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