Understanding tonnage is challenging because many variables are at play, but it is still critical that you calculate it correctly for the best results. Here are four tips to effectively calculate press brake tonnage to avoid severe problems in your workshop.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Many people have repeated this phrase throughout time, and it’s because it makes sense. You always need to be entirely confident with your measurements. You can best achieve this by taking slow and accurate measurements and always double-checking them. Press brake tonnage calculations include many factors, such as material thickness, bend length, and die-opening width. If any of those measurements are off in the slightest bit, you will not see the best results.

If You Are Unsure, Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Jumping off the last point, if you are unsure about one of your measurements or if your calculations don’t seem to make sense, get a second opinion. Unfortunately, people tend to avoid help in situations like this. However, tonnage calculations being off will cause significant problems, so do not hesitate to stand up and get help. This way, you can calculate the tonnage correctly, and you can better understand how to do it correctly next time.

Be Aware of Your Press Brake

A workshop can have many different press brakes, and you need to factor their complexities into your tonnage calculations. It’s easy to miss an extra variable in the press brake you are calculating for, such as if the tool is offset. These sorts of variables affect the final product, so you must ensure you take them all into account during your calculations.

Always Remember the Material You Are Working With

When calculating press brake tonnage, one of the most critical variables is the material you are working with. Sheet metal comes in many different forms, and many of these forms require different bending forces that depend on the material’s relative softness and hardness. For example, an aluminum alloy needs less force to bend than steel or bronze. You need to account for variables like this in your calculations.

Whether you are using mechanical or electrical press brakes from Mac-Tech, calculating press brake tonnage is a necessary part of the job. These four tips to effectively calculate press brake tonnage only scratch the surface of these calculations. Still, they highlight the importance of these measurements in putting out the best product possible.

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