Press brakes are big pieces of machinery that bend and shape metal, but there is much more to consider before purchasing one. Here are the four major factors to consider before purchasing a press brake.

What Is the Press Brake Accuracy?

When creating your product, both big and small, you need to make it accurate. If the metal bend is a little too much or not enough, it can cause significant problems down the line. The metal won’t work, or your clients use it anyway and it causes an accident. Both scenarios lead to your machine shop gaining a terrible reputation and potentially legal action. Precision thrives in metal fabrication shops, and you need your equipment to reflect that.

What Will You Work With?

Various products are coming out of machine shops, and each one has a different thickness and length. This variety means that they will require different bending forces for you to produce them. There are a lot of variables at play, which means you will need a press brake that can take care of those variables. Some metals require bending forces to stay under 80 tons, while others require 150 tons of force. Make sure you calculate what you need before choosing a press brake.

Is It Reliable?

This is a question that everyone must ask when purchasing equipment. Some machine shops have press brakes, and they fail to use them regularly because they require some technical knowledge to program and reprogram the machine for unique projects. A press brake can be an excellent addition to any shop; you will simply need to put in the time and effort to make it a reliable part of the team.

Is the Seller Reliable?

Not only does the press brake itself need to be reliable and have competent workers using it, but you also need to purchase it from a reputable seller. Like any other machinery, press brakes are prone to technical problems and errors that you need to sort out quickly. In these instances, they need to be serviced or have a technician come out, so you need a good relationship with the seller. Without their help, it’s easy for your problems to go unanswered.

You cannot deny that you need to consider these four major factors before purchasing a press brake. If you conclude you need a press brake, make it a hydraulic tandem press brake from Mac-Tech. They can take care of the large bends, and you can use them individually when you need smaller parts made. They are the right choice for anything you need.

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