As consumers have seen gas prices soar at the pump, so have industries seen energy costs increase. For small to mid-sized metal fabricating operations, increased energy costs can put a dent in profits as shops devote more resources toward paying for power. Here are three ways to increase energy efficiency in metal fabrication.

Conduct An Energy Audit

An energy audit can give you the data you need to identify areas that are wasting energy and where you can increase efficiency without compromising operations. Your local power company may offer an energy audit for free, or you can work with a consultant that specializes in energy audits.

An audit can identify which parts of your operation are consuming the most energy and peak times of energy use. A professional energy consultant will also provide suggestions for reducing your shop’s energy consumption, from lighting to scheduling machining at off-peak times when energy prices are lower. Something as simple as switching to LED bulbs can provide savings, along with modifications like insulation and heat capture that may cost more upfront but will save you money in the long run.

Check Air Compressors for Leaks

A major source of energy consumption in manufacturing and metal fabrication are air compressors. The Compressed Air and Gas Institute cites estimates that badly designed or poorly maintained air and gas compressors cause up to 3.2 billion dollars in wasted energy payments in the U.S. annually. Discovering and repairing leaks in your compressors can save you money by increasing energy efficiency in your metal fabrication business. CAGI has several other useful tips for savings related to using compressed air.

Select Efficient Equipment

Manufacturers of metalworking equipment are aware of the need for energy efficiency and sustainability. Choosing an efficient electric metal press for your shop can reduce your energy costs. Mac-Tech supplies these types of presses, along with other metal fabrication equipment and maintenance services that can save energy. Contact Mac-Tech today for more information.

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