Fiber laser cutting machines are good investments for many metal fabricating businesses. However, choosing the right one for your shop depends on several factors. Here are three tips for choosing a 2D fiber laser cutting machine.

Intended Use

The size and thickness of the materials you work on play a major role in choosing the right 2D laser cutting machine. They are versatile; you can use them to cut metal, leather, fabric, plastic, wood, and more. When choosing one, the size of the materials you typically work on will dictate the table size you need, the minimum wattage, and the required performance of the machine.

Fiber laser cutters are highly efficient. You may get more speed with a laser cutter above 2000 watts, and a higher power one can slice through thicker materials. But with higher wattage comes higher cost. Most shops can do well with 2000 watts or less, depending on the materials worked on, saving money while still getting the performance required from the machine.


Another tip for choosing a 2D laser cutting machine is to consider its components. Who manufactures the resonator? What type of cutting head do they use? What type of control, drives, and motors make the machine go? Is the software up-to-date and easy to learn? And if something wears out, where are the component providers located?


The third and perhaps most important factor is who supplies and supports the machine. Look into the seller and how and whether they support customers post-sale. Unfortunately, all mechanical equipment will eventually break down, and when they do, available support to fix your equipment is critical to your shop’s operations.

To recap these three tips for choosing a 2D fiber laser cutting machine, remember to investigate its size and scope, its components, where the manufacturer is, and how much support they give throughout the machine’s life.

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