Press brakes are a necessity in metal fabrication. Metal fabricators have a tough job preparing, cutting, bending, shaping, welding, and finishing complex metal parts day in and day out. Because heavy machines like press brakes have the precision needed to be successful in this field, fab shops rely on them. To run your jobs more efficiently, you should take a look at the Speed-Bend Pro press brake. Here are three advantages to using the Speed-Bend Pro press brake over others out on the market.

Fast Production Capacity

One of the most significant advantages of using the Speed-Bend Pro compared to other press brakes is its high production capacity. Conventional CNC press brakes can only produce so many parts over a certain period. However, the Speed-Bend Pro is almost twice as fast as other press brakes. Its quick and precise 6-axis back gauge system with a servo motor allows for increased production, efficiency, and quality.

User-Friendly Design

The ergonomic design reduces the stress of repetitive motions for the operator. Some press brakes can be a little awkward to use and don’t produce the highest quality bends. Thankfully, the Speed-Bend Pro can navigate this and leave operators happy while delivering good products. It’s ergonomic and has a user-friendly suspension control panel that’s easy to use. Safety should come first, and the Speed Bend Pro comes standard with backlight protection and side protection covers.

High Quality

Production time is the most important aspect in all fab shops. The Speed-Bend Pro has a design that maximizes production time with fast and quality part throughput. It accomplishes precise bending with deflection balance that its motorized crowning system controls. One of the biggest benefits with this machine is its low operating cost, thanks to the cylinder and hydraulic systems. You can achieve precise programming with the Heidenhain linear scales, which are industry-leading technologies.

These were three of the advantages of choosing the Speed-Bend Pro, and it’s clear that this is one of the best hydraulic press brakes on the market. If this press brake seems like a good fit for your shop, you should call us at Mac-Tech. We have various quality hydraulic press brakes on top of the Speed-Bend Pro. So we are happy to help you select the best press brake that fits your needs.

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